How to Use Multiple Accounts of Instagram in Android

A Complete guide on How to use multiple accounts of Instagram in Android

First,  you’re really going to need this component to have been turned on, It gives the idea that the different record highlight is being pushed server-side, however, we’ve likewise been accepting a couple application redesigns recently, so it’s somewhat difficult to tell. Yet, it gives the idea that Instagram really needs to flip the switch for you first.

Once that’s been done, here’s  How to use multiple accounts of Instagram in Android

1.Tap the little profile tab icon on the bottom right of your Instagram app it will take you to your profile.

2.Tap the three-dot overflow button in the top right corner. That gets you to the settings menu.3.Scroll all the way down and then tap on Add Account.You’ll now see the same sign-in screen as when you first logged in to Instagram. Use it. You should now be logged into a second account.

How to switch between multiple accounts on Instagram for Android

1.Tap the profile thumbnail to go back to your profile screen. You’ll now see a little arrow at the bottom right of your name, indicating that it’s a button, and you can tap it for more.

2.Tap your name to flip between your accounts — or to add another account.

How to use multiple accounts of Instagram in Android


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