How to Save Facebook Posts

Here we talk about How to Save Facebook Posts

While in the development of browsing your Facebook feed, you might find a stimulating post that may peak your interest. A click on the post permits you to sight more particulars of it. But, you might not have the while to click on each interesting post. It’s worthy to know that there is a way to save posts on Facebook which can be checked at a later date. This article will explain you the steps to save posts.

As one the peak popularly used social media sites in the domain, Facebook certainly has a lot to bid. Apart from browsing on your friend’s photos and videos, users can search items for sale, read the news, and share thoughts on the site. Due to its acceptance, Facebook is the go-to site for individuals to share their views, opinions, life events, entertainment news, and public happenings. Media corporations and content providers use Facebook to share their content with the sphere. Education on how to Save Facebook Posts assists your overall experience and output on the site.

Save facebook post

Method 1: Save Facebook Posts Using a Browser

How to save Facebook posts using your phone or computer’s browser, follow these steps:

1. Go to your preferred mobile browser.

2. Go to Facebook’s website and log in with your username and password.

3. Hunt for the post that you need to save. You can scroll through your feeds or custom Facebook’s Search function to look for interesting posts. Tap on the post that you prefer to save.

4. The designated post is now in view. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner following the Facebook account name.

5. Click the Save post choice to save the selected post. The nominated post will be stored and is available on the Saved tab.

How to Save Facebook Posts by the Mobile App

The second technique of saving posts is finished the Facebook app. If you do not have the Facebook app on your phone however, download and install the app from Play store or App Store then trail these steps:

1. Launch the Facebook app from your Home screen.

2. Search for a post to save.

3. Tap on the drop-down arrow button on the right side of the page or profile’s name. It is significant to note that other Facebook app version usages the three dots icon in its place of the drop-down arrow button.

4. Depending on the type of content you need to save, tap on the Save Post or Save Video choice to save the particular content. The certain post will be kept and is available through your Saved tab.

Facebook Save Feature

Access Your Saved Facebook Posts

To contact your Saved items on your Facebook app, trail the steps below:

1. Touch the More buttons situated in the lower part of the app. It is the three lines on the right side of the notification icon.

2. Then tap the Saved folder.

3. The list of Saved items is displayed. To read, open or watch what you saved, tap on one of the saved items. For your reference, the blue dot on the lower part of the post indicates that the post has not been opened yet.

Pro-tip: You can rapidly go to an afresh saved post by checking on your Notifications and beating on the notification that tells that you just saved the note. Upon tapping, users will be taken directly to the saved post or video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I can’t see any three dots or an option to save a certain post.

A: If you can’t search the button on the right side try to guise for the icon of the Saved items. It displays like an inverted flag ripped off on the bottom portion.

Q: How long can a Saved item visit in the Saved folder?

A: There is no time boundary for storing your Saved items. As long as you need them there, no one can take them gone. Unless you unsaved them.

Keep your attention on your Saved items to exploit your time. It will save you time from penetrating the same post again and again. Furthermore, you can access them every time you want, how frequently you like and whatsoever you do. You just educated how to sight and Save Facebook Posts. If you have inquiries with any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.


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