How to Make Twitter Account Private

If you want to make the Twitter account private then this piece of writing is comprised of some easy steps that you assist you to make the Twitter account private.

Here we are talking about how to make Twitter Account Private, To make your account private on Twitter, happens to be an easy process that can be followed by everyone and generation. Have you yet tried to access some other person’s twitter page just to see that the current account is private or that you failed to follow that person as the user has his or her account set to private? Apart from everything, we appreciate that privacy of a person or group keeps them in a state of selectiveness.

Nowadays, business accounts are set to public by default. You can build your account it private so that approved users only can subscribe to and view tweets by you.
Recognize what shielding your tweets before they are open to all. Before you make a decision to protect your Twitter account and tweets by building them private, ensure that you appreciate what it involves after you made it your tweets private:
People not following will require composing a request to follow you, and then you have to approve the requests if you find it genuine.

Tweets by you be visible only to the approved users.
Unapproved users will fail to Retweets your tweets.
Your tweets will not appear on Google search. When you approved the users, then only Twitter searches conducted by users will appear.

@replies send by you not be visible on public platform except you send them to approved followers. For instant, if you tweet a famous person they cannot see it, as you have not allowed them to follow you.

Whatever you tweeted during your account when set to public will get routinely become private, and viewable to approved followers.

How To Make Twitter Account Private

Twitter Privacy

  1. Log in to Twitter account.
  2. Tap on profile Icon.
  3. Open “Settings and Privacy“.
  4. Tap on “Privacy and safety“.
  5. Scroll down and check the “Protect my Tweets“.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and hit “Save changes“.
  7. Also, unprotect your tweets by reversing the process. Do not forget to hit save changes.

In summary; 

How to Make Twitter Account Private

Log into Twitter account and click on “Settings and privacy”.

Open “Settings” and Tap on “Privacy and safety”.

Scroll down to the privacy section and check the “Protect my Tweets.”

At last hit “Save changes”.

Frequently asked Questions and Answer:

Q1: When I set to private, do my current followers have to re-follow me?

A: Nope, they will remain as followers.

Q2: How can I know that my personal information is public?

A: Log out of Twitter, then search for your name and Twitter on Google. you will come to know what is public.

Q: How can I send a private Tweet?

A: Use Twitter “Direct Messages.


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