How to Hack an Android Phone from a Computer

In this article, we talk about How to Hack an Android Phone from a Computer

Hacking a smartphone isn’t hard as most people still think it is. It is as easy as anything you do nowadays online. Hacking any android phone is also known as rooting your phone. Doing this avails you to control everything on your smartphone from the processor speed as in the same you use your personal computer. There is end number of tools available online that you can use, this software examines all your phone’s activities such as call logs’ information, text messages, email and much more. So, in this article, we will be discussing regarding some of that software which comes handy and makes easier for you to keep the record of all your android phone’s activities. Read on to know.

Tools to hack Your Android Phone

There are several tools available that you can download online to hack your Android phone from the computer. We are going to discuss some of them which are easier to use and that you will download online for free.

‘My Spy’

My Spy is one of the best hacking tools for all those who want to hack their Android phones from the computer. It helps to get a full control over your android phone. Basically, it proctors your android phone and records your entire phone’s activities such as call logs, emails, games, web activities and much more. Its features mainly include phone call logs, phone contacts’ access, keylogging, recording web activities and no jailbreak required.


The same thing could be done by using the Airdroid software on your PC or Laptop. To use Airdroid al you need doing is to download Airdroid on your computer then launch it then you need to tap on ‘Sign in and register’ button. After doing that, it will display some web address URL along with the password. Now open any browser on your PC and copy-paste the URL that shows on the App home display screen and then enters the password. And voila! You can now access everything from your computer. This too is one of the best software to hack an android phone from a computer.

Master located

Another amazing tool that you can use to hack your phone into your computer is Master located. It is an online based application that you can use even without downloading. Using this will make things easier because once you use it you will be able to locate your phone in real time. You will also be able to hack calls, text messages, Whatsapp and even Facebook on your android phone.

Those think any less of any of above-mentioned tools as they are few of the best ones to hack an Android phone from a Computer. So, if you are looking for the best tool to hack yours choose any one of the above. We hope this article has delivered enough assistance. If you like this blog do comment and share it!


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