how to fix GoDaddy emails going to the spam

Are your GoDaddy emails going to spam? Well, here’s the solution. This article teaches you how to solve GoDaddy emails going to spam problem. GoDaddy uses a single centralized mail system to run all of their clients’ email i.e. Nowadays, all email service providers requires the DKIM and SPF email authentication services to identify the email server. GoDaddy doesn’t use any email authentication service resulting in GoDaddy emails to be marked as spam. We’ve shared a quick way to solve the problem. Please read on!

How to solve GoDaddy Emails Going to Spam?

Step 1: log in to your GoDaddy webmail account using your email address and password.

Step 2: Access the GoDaddy webmail Spam folder from the left side navigation menu. To do that, simply click on bulk mail option in left side navigation menu.

Step 3: now, it’s time to adjust GoDaddy webmail spam settings. Hover the settings link in the main navigation of the email screen and click Spam Settings.

Step 4: do the following under spam settings.

  • Turn of the spam filtering if you want to receive all emails in your inbox without applying any filter.
  • If you want the spam messages to appear in your inbox as flagged, choose the option, “mark subject with [SPAM]”.  
  • In case you want to allow only some specific emails to send you messages, choose the option restricted mode. This will allow emails from an allowed list to enter your inbox.

Step 5: Adjust blocked email address list

To adjust blocked email address list:

  1. Go to webmail spam settings.
  2. Click on the blocked list tab.
  3. Click add the button and enter the email address you want to block and click OK to add an email to block sender list.
  4. In case you want to unblock a blocked email, click the checkbox adjacent to that email and click Delete button and click ok to confirm.

Once you delete the desired email address from blocked sender list, you’ll be able to receive messages from the sender directly in your inbox.

So, this is how to fix GoDaddy emails going to the spam problem. By applying above tips to your GoDaddy webmail account, you can easily stop GoDaddy emails from going to spam. Hope you like this article.


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