How to Fix a slow iPhone

Is the old iPhone running slower than expected? Are you observing longer app loading times, slower processing speed, and slugger gaming performance on the old device? This old device needs attention, and this article will assist you How to fix a slow iPhone.

This has been in the news that Apple has been accused of deliberately throttling the performance of old iPhones to force users to buy new ones. However, on the account of personal experiences, it is obvious slowing down of aging Apple devices. There can be many factors which cause an old iPhone runs slow. Reasons can definitely vary from the normal wear and tear, temperature conditions, number of apps installed, running apps, and the degree of iPhone usage.

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How a slow iPhone can perform faster as usual

The below-mentioned suggestions will help your old iPhone process at a faster rate:

1. Restart the old iPhone. Every electronic device, even your iPhone always require being turned off from time to time. A restart on the iPhone would release, stop, or cancel any processes that still pending for execution and would give your device a fresh start.

2. Uninstall entire unused apps to see. You have to check for the apps on your iPhone that you haven’t used for months. Uninstalling such unused apps will free up some disk space on your slow performing device. This helps your iPhone to run smoother after uninstallation.

3. Update your iOS version available on iTunes. Updating iPhone to the latest iOS ensures that the update fixes for bugs that may cause iPhone’s performance.

4. Clear cookies on the browser. Cookies save the entire record of browsing history. There are issues where saved cookies affected browser usage.

5. Disable the automatic downloads on your iPhone. The iPhone uses few processing power when engaged in downloading and installing updates. This process affects iPhone usage particularly if the apps that you are using require high processing power.

6. Disable the option that says Background App Refresh. In iPhones, the Background App Refresh feature is always turned on by default. The feature keeps automatically refreshing apps to provide you the latest update once you open the apps. This requires battery and processing power. Users knowing how to turn off Background Refresh App help users keep the old version of iPhone running smoother.

7. Delete entire multimedia files such as music, photos, & videos. Deleting iPhone of old music files, photos, and videos assists device run faster.

8. Start deleting old SMS and MMS stored on your iPhone. SMS and MMS can add up over the years and take a considerable amount of space making your iPhone slower. An old iPhone with exhausted storage space capacity can run slow.

9. The second last step is to reset your iPhone. Resetting your iPhone to its factory settings deletes all app installations and files on the device and begins with a fresh start. One last caution always makes a backup of the important files so you can easily restore them according to the requirements.
10. It is the time to change your battery. If you have an iPhone 6S and older devices, have your battery replaced to boost your device’s performance.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Even after deleting a lot of photos and videos, I am unable to free internal storage space. What should I do?

A: iPhone provides a feature that deleted photos and videos stay on the iPhone for thirty days. Therefore, remove the deleted multi-media files by clearing your iPhone Recently Deleted folder.
Q: I have cleared the Recently Deleted Folder; still I could not find free space on iPhone. How should I fix this?

A: iPhone keeps a cache of the files in the storage. Therefore, clear the cache to free up space on iPhone.
Q: Can I change my iPhone’s battery without taking any assistance?

A: iPhone owners having enough technical knowledge and right tools can save you a few dollars. But, the risk is way higher than the savings if you replace the battery yourself. We do not recommend such battery replacement solution and buying from sellers other than those accredited by Apple perhaps put your iPhone at risk of getting a fake or second class battery.


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