How to call UK from US for Free

Complete guide you How to call UK from US for Free

Want to make calls to the UK from US? This article teaches you How to call UK from US for Free. A common question we hear every time is, if you are based in the United States of America, chances are you have a colleague, a friend, or a loved one in the United Kingdom. Most of the people use a calling card to call UK from the US and spend too much money in calling. Therefore, I’m going to share a simple guide on how to call UK from  US without investing money in calling card.

How to call UK from US for Free?

The most reliable and free way to call UK from the US is to use free calling apps. There are dozens of free international calling apps that offer absolutely free calls to UK from the US so you can stay in touch with your friends and family without breaking up your wallet. Here’s we are listing some of the best free apps to call UK from the US.

Note: the free calling apps we listed here are personally tested and have a large number of registered users. All these apps have earned at least 4 stars on Google play store.

  1. Google Duo

google duo

Google Duo is a free voice and video calling app developed by Google. It works on both androids as well as iOS devices. Google Duo is one of the best calling apps that provides highest quality video calling services. One of the best features of Google duo is “knock knock” that shows a live preview of the caller before the recipient picks up the call.

  1. Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger is another great calling app developed by Facebook. It provides absolutely free text messaging calling services. There are lots of featured integrated into the Facebook messenger apart from chatting and calling. You can also send and receive money via messenger app. It also lets you play online games and share your location with your friends.

  1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is probably the most popular app among the people in the US, UK and Asian countries with over billions of registered users globally. WhatsApp is a freeware and cross-platform text messaging and voice as well as video calling app. WhatsApp has recently announced a new feature to support in-line Instagram and Facebook videos. Means when someone share’s an Instagram or Facebook video with you, you can watch that video right within your conversation thread without having to switch to another app.

  1. Skype

skype call

Skype is one of the most popular free calling app developed by Microsoft. It offers you to send text messages, voice and video call for free to your friends and family who use Skype. Skype also provides a service to call directly on phone numbers but you need to buy some credits in order to make calls directly on phone numbers.

  1. Viber

New Viber calling

Viber is another great app that lets you call UK from the US for free. Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging and calling app means you can also install it on your iPhone and windows phone. Viber was initially launched in 2010 in direct competition with Skype. Viber is a very useful app especially for business and individuals who require a functional messaging and HD calling system without having to break their wallet.  

So, these are the five best apps to call UK from the US for Free. All these are free to install and free to use. So, if you want to get in touch with your family and friends staying in the UK, install any app from above list and enjoy the unlimited voice as well as video calls without having to break your wallet.



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