How to Avoid Email Going to Spam

Are you an email marketer? It can be very frustrating for you if you send emails to your potential customers but it goes under their spam folder instead of appearing in their inbox. This is probably one of the greatest problems in the business of email marketing. According to a recent research report by Return Path, only 79% of emails sent by email marketers reach their subscriber’s inbox, rest of them ends up anywhere other than their inbox. Hence, avoiding emails from being sent to spam has become an art itself. In this post, we’re going to explain how to avoid email going to spam. So, if you are in the business of email marketing and want to avoid email going to spam, keep reading this post, you’ll be out of the problem.

What is Spam filter?

Understanding what is spam filter and how it works will let you know how to avoid email going to spam.

The spam filter is a program designed to identify and track spammers and spam email addresses. Spam filter detects unwanted and unsolicited emails and automatically move them to spam folder before they appear in user’s inbox. Spam filter looks for certain criteria in an incoming email and if the email meets the criteria, it immediately flags the email as spam and moves the message to the spam folder.

Hopefully, you’ve understood what is spam filter and how it works. Now, let’s have a look at the most common reasons why email might be sent to the spam folder.  

Why Emails Go to Spam?

You don’t have express permission to email: if you’re an email marketer, you should have an express permission to send emails. To get an express permission, you should have an opt-in form on your website that clearly shows your visitors are subscribing you for newsletters.

Spam IP address: Your emails could get flagged as spam if your current IP address was used for spam by you or someone else.

Low open rates: email providers look at how many emails sent by you are opened by the subscriber and how many are deleted without being opened. This is called open rate. If you have low open rates, chances are more than your email will be flagged as spam.

Misleading subject line: intentionally misleading someone with email subject line is actually against the law (CAN-SPAM act).

Inaccurate “From” information: inaccurate FROM information is also against the CAN-SPAM ACT. Hence if you have inaccurate FROM information, your email will be marked as spam as per the law.

No Unsubscribe link: including an unsubscribe link inside the email is mandatory according to the CAN-SPAM act. If you don’t have an unsubscribe link, you could get spam or even slapped with thousand dollars in fines.

How to Avoid Email Going to Spam?

Here we are listing some smart tips and tricks to avoid email from going to spam. Read on!

Choose an authentic Email Service Provider: email service providers gain good reputation based on the status of their clients. If a client has the high score on the IP addresses and sends relevant contents, their ESP becomes trustworthy.

Pay attention to technicalities: take care of technical issues related to the process of email market to maximize your email deliverability.

Get a certificate From a third party

You can get a sender certification from a third party. This third party will guarantee to the ISP’s that you a trusted sender and not a spammer. This certificate guarantees that your email will reach the majority of the inboxes of your potential customers and subscribers.

Build Your Own Email List

Sending emails to the potential customers is the most important thing in targeted email marketing. Your content doesn’t mean anything if you’re sending it to the wrong audience. Hence, avoid renting or purchasing email list from a third party email marketer. Build your own email list for your potential customer.

Regularly Clean Your Email List

Some of your recipients will unsubscribe from your list over a period of time but some of them will simply ignore your emails instead of unsubscribing you. This will lower your email open rates. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check and clean your emails list.  

So, this is how to avoid email going to spam. Try these tricks to get rid of lower open rates and avoid your emails from being marked as spam.

How to spam an email?

Want to spam someone’s email? Here’s how to spam an email. Sometimes, you may receive Dozens of unwanted and spam emails on your email account. In this case, you might want to mark emails as spam from some particular senders. The easiest way to spam an email is to go through your email providers services. Most email providers offer a direct option to mark emails as spam.

All you need to do is just go to your inbox, select a message you want to mark as spam and click the option “mark as spam” from the menu. Once you mark an email as spam, your email service provider will move all the incoming messages from this sender to spam. You can check the spam folder to see these messages. You can also use a third party email address spam check software to check spam emails and automatically send them to the spam folder. There is dozens of email address spam check software available in the market.

Hope you like this article on how to avoid email going to spam.


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