How to Access AirDrop on iOS 11

Here we talk about how to Access AirDrop on iOS 11

You may be wondering where the Airdrop lost on your iPhone. Users who have recently updated their iOS version into iOS 11 may not find the Airdrop on the main interface. In the older version of iOS, the AirDrop feature was readily accessible in Control Center; however, with the recent update in the operating system, the Airdrop was detached from the main interface of the supposed menu. This written piece discusses how to access AirDrop on iOS 11.

AirDrop allows you to share multimedia data, documents, and files with closest Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. There are diverse methods of retrieving the Airdrop on iOS 11. This piece of article will describe the three methods to access the Airdrop feature on the iPhone.


How to Access AirDrop on iOS 11

Method 1: How to Access AirDrop on iOS 11 from Settings

Click on the iPhone’s Settings to access AirDrop by subsequent these steps:

1. Go to the Settings option on your phone.

2. Now launch General option.

3. You need to visit Airdrop setting.

The Airdrop allows users to share photos, videos, map, contacts, and other files in the click of a tap. This is assumed to be the easiest method of transferring data among the two iOS devices.

4. After launching the Airdrop menu, users could select to whom they will prefer to receive a file. If selected the Contacts Only option, they will receive from those itemized only in the contacts. During the selection of everyone option, the method will allow everyone to share data to the device.

Method 2: Users need to Access Airdrop from the Settings option via Siri

Another method to use Siri is to launch the General Settings quickly. But, while Siri requires being connected to the web to perform, this method requires an active internet connection. Below mentioned are the steps provided for accessing Airdrop:

1. Wake Siri. Now access Siri by tapping on the Home button through Assistive Touch or by calling “Hey Siri.”

2. Now ask the application Siri for opening or go to General Settings.

3. You will then find popping up the Airdrop. Tap the Airdrop and choose from the options in the menu.

Method 3: Users need to access Airdrop by launching the Control Center

The Airdrop can also be available from the Control Center. Go for the procedures mentioned below to access Airdrop from Control Center:

1. Now you need to swipe upside from the bottom screen of the phone to pull up iPhone’s Control Center.

2. You need to press and hold the available connectivity tools for a sometime. The Connectivity Tools box is comprised of the the Cellular Data, Airplane mode, and Wifi, Bluetooth.

3. Entire connectivity tools available are shown including the AirDrop button. Tap on the AirDrop button to view existing options.

4. Hoping that you have been able to access the AirDrop feature from the Control Center in iPhone. Users can easily connect to other iOS devices or transfer data through the Airdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What I am supposed to do if an iOS device unable to find my Airdrop account?

A: This is a common problem using AirDrop when a user is unable to connect to other devices. There can be diverse issues affecting the connectivity between other devices. However, such issues generally occur:

● Ensure that iPhone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on. Now you are not required to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. However, before transferring of data would be through a wireless peer-to-peer connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

● Select the distance in-between the two devices available for connection. AirDrop assists up to 9 meters of distance between the Apple devices. Get both the devices closer to each other and try reconnecting it.

● Ensure that two of the devices assist AirDrop. AirDrop is available for iOS 7 and both devices. AirDrop is also accessible for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. But, iPhone 4S and older devices do not assist the feature.

How to Access AirDrop on iOS 11

How to Access AirDrop on iOS 11

Q: Is it possible iPhone receive files from Airdrop?

A: The first thing that user significant to checked is your Airdrop is discoverable? Is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on? Similarly, an error can happen if you are receiving an incorrect bunch of files with diverse file types. If the additional devices are trying to connect send you varied files, it will not work. Sending of files with diverse formats such photos, videos, PDF, and documents in one is not potential. You need to essential to transfer one by one or transfer in batches; however according to their file format.

Q: How to send and receive files utilizing AirDrop?

A:It is quite modest to transfer files utilizing the Airdrop. When users already have the file, need for the share button. It is the square button with an arrow focusing upward. If users are about to share photos, the button is situated in the lower left corner of the screen. The Airdrop menu would display under the photos. The name of the device with Airdrop finds and appears there. Tap the device endpoint of your files.
The AirDrop specification utilizes the iPhone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to search and connect to the device. The feature is an informal, fast and safe solution of sharing data. Therefore, users have to questions with some of the section above; let us know your feedback in the comments section.


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